Love Wins: Temitope & Jolomi’s Colourful Casino Themed Pre-wedding Shoot

Love always wins.

Despite the constant back and forth, Temitope and Jolomi made it work!

We definitely see the chemistry between the two love birds and we love their colourful pre-wedding photos.


Love story by the Bride-to-be:

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, I passed by a very tall and handsome guy at my job’s Office gate but I had this opinion that He was one of those proud fine Lagos boys that will give me Hypertension and Heart attack so I just moved on and didn’t bother to smile or say Hi. I totally forgot about the fine dude I saw at my office.

Got to work on Monday and saw a man with a nice haircut in a white T shirt sitting next to my seat with a laptop in front of him, only to find out it’s the same fine dude from Friday. Long story cut short we became best of friends at work and started hooking each other with friends to date since we were Single.

My friends come to the office and ask me to introduce them but he just never followed up or even called. Then I organized drinks with one of my male toasters and my cute cousin (Victoria , I had to change her name). Victoria was smitten on first sight and kept telling me he is her kind of man and she really hoped he will call because I made him collect her number. My own date asked me if I was sure the other guy was not crushing on me, I was certain he wasn’t. Anyway, three days later Victoria calls to say Temi he hasn’t called ooo and when I ask him (Jay), He says I will get to it Temi I have just been very busy and it keeps skipping my mind. I started thinking about his strange attitutde towards my “hook ups”.

He also used to set up dates for me and his friends but I always had an excuse, I just told him they were not my kind of men. My hunt for men continued anyway, as my father kept reminding me I was getting older every time he could.

Our friendship also continued. He would eats all the food from my lunch dates and tell me about all his friendships With Benefit on our way to work or back home, we stay close to each other. So I never thought he felt anything for me. On one of our drives home he tried to kiss me and I said “Jay I am sorry I can’t”, I said we have to define everything before I get physical because I knew I was tripping and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t just lust plus I didn’t want to lose the friendship we had.

We had several official lunch dates and decided we really wanted to take the friendship to another level after which he proposed April 1st 2015.He fooled me by saying he wanted to prank his female friend with a proposal from her crush. He begged me to indulge him and respond the way I would have responded if it was really me,. He got on one knee and I didn’t care to listen since we were just fooling around, I saw him bring out a box and I was like where did he get a box, thinking he’s really taking this task serious anyways while jumping and faking the excitement he opened the box and there it was, The most beautiful Jewelry I had ever seen. I cried and blamed him for tricking me cos I didn’t hear everything he had said or promised to do as my husband etc .

Beautiful love story. Congratulations to the couple. Their wedding is set to hold in December.


Styled by @Nouvacouture

Makeup by @iamkingsley of bmpro

Props by @partyfullyyours

Planned by @lovebugs


Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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