The kids who grew up in Abeokuta &reconnected years after via watsapp |Segun & Tope’s flamboyant wedding photos

There are four things special about Segun and Tope’s wedding!

For one, theirs is the first wedding that it was christian songs from beginning to end and not one minute did we think it was boring. It was groove all through.

Secondly, Tope has such a caring spirit that her love touches your soul while Segun is so beautifully spirited you can’t help but fall in love with him.

Thirdly, even you can see they are in love. See this pictures and tell us if their love is not obvious.

Finally, and this is the interesting part, they are childhood sweethearts that reconnected years afterwards to get married. The photograph below show them on the left, years ago as kids and on the right just before their wedding.

After growing up together as kids in Abeokuta, these two lost themselves to the demands of life and separated.

Tope had left the country and was away for close to two decades when one of those days, a picture of this handsome dude caught her attention on her cousins whatsapp. An enquiry, a chat, a call and a date afterwards, here we are.

This is a wedding any top Nigerian wedding photographer would have loved to shoot.

Their wedding photographer, Ogheneworo Akara narrates his experience thus:




Determined to create some art at this beautiful wedding, I set about ensuring my favourite part of the wedding, the first part, taking the detail,s was done beautifully well. That set the tone for the entire day.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-002-(Side-2)Segun did not crimp on this stone at all! He got the best. Even I was stunned.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-003-(Side-3) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-004-(Side-4)As the day progressed, if it felt like a rumour before, those rumours were dispelled because as time ticked on it became obvious that these two were about to be joined in holy matrimony after all these years of friendship.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-005-(Side-5)Like I always have said, it is the friends that make the wedding what it is. Natalie was a stand out friend in Tope’s day. She was a photographer, a shoulder, a director, a listening ear and boy!!!!  She can pick sprayed monies.

Natalie is from Louisiana but before long we told her she was meant to be a Nigerian. She was duly named Chichi and adopted as an Ibo lady.
Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-006-(Side-6) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-007-(Side-7) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-009-(Side-9)Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-010-(Side-10)Tope finally got ready and we had to fly out as she was in a hurry to get married. She was not willing to spend one extra minute. She wanted her groom.

We settled for a few pictures while her make up was fresh and stepped out for the day’s event.
Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-011-(Side-11) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-012-(Side-12)Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-013-(Side-13)I present to you the ladies who made this day what it was. Wonu ( second on the row from the right) was an amazing planner. She obviously has it in her. It is a passion not a learnt trade and it showed.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-014-(Side-14) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-015-(Side-15)Meanwhile at Segun’s place, Akan Emmanuel was piecing together the story from that end.

Segun was obviously overjoyed for the day had come when he was going to become the husband of the delectable Tope Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-017-(Side-17)Segun Oke in all his glory!  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-018-(Side-18) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-019-(Side-19) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-021-(Side-21)Ready for the mission, these guys stepped out looking dapper.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-022-(Side-22) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-023-(Side-23)Meanwhile, at the hall the events of the day had begun with Segun’s parents dancing in Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-024-(Side-24)They proceeded to go kneel before the family of the bride to thank them for the opportunity given to them to “pluck the flower they had seen in their garden”. Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-025-(Side-25)The most significant act of the day was this……Segun and his guys took time out to pray before he came into the hall… was a moment……Commit your works to the LORD And your plans will be established. Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-026-(Side-26)Sure he was alone now, Segun went into the hall to claim his bride, confidently.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-027-(Side-27) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-028-(Side-28) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-029-(Side-29)After dancing in these next few moments told me how close knit his family was……that is an indication of how his is going to be…he hugged his mother affectionately.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-030-(Side-30)and this look straight into his dads eye shows you the connection they have.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-031-(Side-31)Finally, the moment of truth came…when he had to prove he was “capable”. Where he had to prove he was a man and he was not forced to come to take Tope as his.
Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-032-(Side-32)Segun dished out the instructions to his lieutenants and laid the plans clearly before them. We are here to perform he seemed to say….If you are not ready, step back!

You dey laugh? This no be joke o! He said……

Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-033-(Side-33)It was time to raise their hands, and bend their waists and tilt their bodies just to show he is a whole man.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-034-(Side-34)That done, he had to prove his financial capability. Segun passed all his tests.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-035-(Side-35)Next was the prostration……This act show you came of your own volition to beg for the hand of the bride. Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-036-(Side-36)Segun was flat on his face but still had time to show his light heartedness with this moment.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-037-(Side-37) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-038-(Side-38)and a selfie
Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-039-(Side-39)Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-040-(Side-40)Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-041-(Side-41)Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-042-(Side-42)After all the photographs had been done with his parents, sisters and second mother, it was time for his bride to step in.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-043-(Side-43)And Tope was eager to….she had waited long enough Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-044-(Side-44) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-045-(Side-45)Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-046-(Side-46)and when she stepped into the fall, Tope searched out Segun first with her eyes and the subtle smile tells you all about her feelings.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-047-(Side-47) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-048-(Side-48) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-049-(Side-49) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-050-(Side-50)She joyfully danced in to take her parents blessings as she went to her new family.
Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-051-(Side-51)Finally, it was time to crown her husband and choose him as hers. Tope was focused on the task at hand. She didnt waver. Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-052-(Side-52) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-053-(Side-53) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-054-(Side-54) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-055-(Side-55) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-056-(Side-56)Kisses and rings done. It was time for one major tradition. The groom is expected to write a proposal letter to the bride and her family requesting her hand in marriage and they in turn are supposed to respond with an acceptance letter. This was done with the entire family standing behind Tope and Segun.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-057-(Side-57) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-058-(Side-58)There was a funny event here. Tope handed over her acceptance letter before Segun had given his proposal letter. Obviously, she was no longer interested in these lenghty traditions. Get it over with please, her action screamed.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-059-(Side-59)Segun took his acceptance letter to his family gleefully.

That done, Tope’s family handed her over to Segun’s dad who in turn handed her over to him.

Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-060-(Side-60)This seemingly simple act suggests that the family is heavily invested in the continued success of a marriage.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-061-(Side-61) All that done, Tope and Segun returned to their seats, all smile,  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-062-(Side-62)As the acceptance letter was read to the people gathered together by Tobi.
Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-063-(Side-63)Seguns family came out joyfully to thank the family of Tope for giving them a gem.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-064-(Side-64)Photographs done  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-065-(Side-65)It was time for dancing and boy the dancing was fierce.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-066-(Side-66) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-067-(Side-67) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-068-(Side-68) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-069-(Side-69) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-070-(Side-70) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-071-(Side-71) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-072-(Side-72) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-073-(Side-73)We had fun at Segun and Tope’s wedding but that was not to end there. Fun for us is beautiful pictures. So with everyone happy and on their way to their houses, we stole away to take these beautiful photographs of these couple for your eyes and for their children. We wanted to capture the love we had witnessed between this two.  Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-074-(Side-74) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-075-(Side-75) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-076-(Side-76) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-077-(Side-77) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-078-(Side-78) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-079-(Side-79) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-080-(Side-80) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-081-(Side-81) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-082-(Side-82) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-083-(Side-83) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-084-(Side-84) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-085-(Side-85) Tope-and-Segun---Traditional-Wedding-086-(Side-86) White Wedding:

It was a fantastic day in Abeokuta. One that was bright and sunny and full of cheer as we all woke up to the knowledge that we will be witnessing a wedding that will be talked about for a long time to come. Somehow I had known that Segun was going to be a groom that will bounce all over the place out of the excitement of being married and so I had chosen my most comfortable shoe to shoot his wedding in, so when I saw his shoes I was not surprised, I was ready as well. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 001 (Side 1)There was a palpable excitement in the air as we counted the minutes and hours before these two were going to say I do. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 002 (Side 2)People around were eagerly sharing the news of the impending matrimony and giving updates as the preparations continued.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 003 (Side 3)Excited about the atmosphere around, we continued with the task of recording the tiny details that make the day beautiful.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 004 (Side 4) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 005 (Side 5) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 006 (Side 6) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 007 (Side 7)Let me take a little time to digress and tell you the story of Segun and Tope’s event planner. Wonu is an awesome event planner. She is born to do this. Her passion is not learnt, it is natural. She immediately swung into action to settle us down when we got to Abeokuta, asked if we required food and what else we would need for our day to be perfect. She explained the need for us to be satisfied so the pictures of the day can be perfect. I wont hesitate to recommend her anyday to our clients. Here she was listening to Tope reel out the list of the things she required to make the day as she had dreamt and Wonu was all ears and executed to the letter.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 008 (Side 8)In the course of her preparation, Segun saw fit to send Tope a gift to show his love. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 009 (Side 9)Meanwhile, from far away in the US, Tope’s friends prepared a surprise for her. They sent her a video which we played for her to watch as they sent their wishes across the atlantic.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 010 (Side 10)Finally, everyone was picture ready and we took time out with these beautiful ladies in their radiance. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 011 (Side 11) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 012 (Side 12) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 013 (Side 13)Over at Segun’s, preparations was at top speed. I like guys. Kai! Segun’s steps to dressing up was without any story. Segun wore his shirt! He wore his trouser. He combed his hair. Finished! O wait!!  Lets prolong it. He wore his best mans bow tie for himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Long abi?  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 014 (Side 14)Cough! Cough!! Let me get some water. I will be back. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 015 (Side 15) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 016 (Side 16)The Bride’s”maids” attended to the dressing up of the bride to the last detail and ensured she looked beautiful for the groom. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 017 (Side 17)Quickly, Tope stepped out to go to church. She was eager! Very eager!!  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 018 (Side 18)And she was all shades of beautiful!!!!  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 019 (Side 19)Meanwhile, when Segun heard the news of his wifes beauty, he jumped for joy!!  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 020 (Side 20)As he danced like David danced into the church.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 021 (Side 21)Next came in the train as they announced the arrival of the bride.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 022 (Side 22)Leaning on her dads hand, Tope walked into Church thinking about the fact that soon she was having a new dad and leader.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 023 (Side 23)Beautiful Couple! Enough said!!!!  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 024 (Side 24) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 025 (Side 25)This was the congregation that had come to witness Tope and Segun get married.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 026 (Side 26)And trust me the excited in the hall gave much to gist about.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 027 (Side 27) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 028 (Side 28)Bishop Mike Okonkwo was present himself to lead these two into holy matrimony, but first, he led the pair and the church in worship.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 029 (Side 29)And everyone felt the power in the hall.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 030 (Side 30) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 031 (Side 31) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 032 (Side 32) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 033 (Side 33)The atmosphere in the room only served to reassure these two that they were backed by God on this journey. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 034 (Side 34)From here on, things moved at great speed. Begining with Tope being handed over to Segun by her dad.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 035 (Side 35)To the vows being said by these two as they committed themselves to each other for life.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 036 (Side 36) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 037 (Side 37) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 038 (Side 38)The ring! Beautiful Stone! This is where Segun’s money went to o o o o o! Chai! Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 039 (Side 39) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 040 (Side 40)With a declaration and a kiss, it was sealed. These two were husband and wife.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 041 (Side 41)Tope fed Segun the holy communion afterwards and I made a mental note to capture the shape of Segun’s tummy as it was today.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 042 (Side 42)I just was imagining the things Tope will do to that 8 packs of his. lol…:)…You see that smile. That says the intentions in Tope’s heart. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 043 (Side 43) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 044 (Side 44)After the joining and prayers, we couldn’t wait long enough to run away to take the photographs of this couple.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 045 (Side 45)This was one of the favourites from the shoot we had. I loved the scenery.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 046 (Side 46) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 047 (Side 47) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 048 (Side 48) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 049 (Side 49) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 050 (Side 50) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 051 (Side 51) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 052 (Side 52)This idea was all Tope’s. I just clicked the shutter.:) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 053 (Side 53) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 054 (Side 54)Finally, we got back to the reception to a beautifull decorated hall. Lh Events had done a great job here.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 055 (Side 55) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 056 (Side 56)and the train ushered in the bride and groom with dancing and smiling. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 057 (Side 57)Segun and Tope danced in without a care for anyone around. Their joy was evident as they came in. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 058 (Side 58)Things sped past from this point and the normal items of the wedding day were quickly attended to. The cutting of the cake, the dances and all that. When Mr Kusoro gave his speech, it was brief and straight to the point.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 059 (Side 59)Same here too with Segun. No plenty stories,  he was eager to start dancing Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 060 (Side 60)When the dancing started, it was clear why he was rushing. Segun’s joy was clear in his steps. But then, who wont be when you are marrying a woman like Tope? Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 061 (Side 61) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 062 (Side 62) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 063 (Side 63) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 064 (Side 64) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 065 (Side 65) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 066 (Side 66) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 067 (Side 67)At a point, Segun pulled up “Chichi” onto the stage to learn the Nigerian dance steps she was witnessing. Our American Nigerian didnt disappoint. Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 068 (Side 68) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 069 (Side 69)This was all manner of fun I tell you and you could see it from the crowd on the dance floor.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 070 (Side 70) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 071 (Side 71) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 072 (Side 72) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 073 (Side 73)We took a few seconds to capture Segun’s dad and his sister looking fly together.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 074 (Side 74) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 075 (Side 75) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 076 (Side 76) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 077 (Side 77) Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 078 (Side 78)As the dancing continued, there were times we thought peoples waists were going to break. You could see the alarm on faces when impossible moves where made. But we all ended up laughing as the fun continued.  Blog Template - IB and Koye - Trad 079 (Side <div class=

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