MAC x Aaliyah Make-up Collection- Here’s What You Should Know

17 years after her passing, MAC collaborates with Aaliyah to produce a Make-up collection inspired by her music and lifestyle. All thanks to her Instagram fans.

by Rae Ogbu

Late RnB singer, Aaliyah has become the latest inspiration for a new M.A.C cosmetics collection launching this month.

Rashad Haughton, Aaliyah’s older brother and longtime collaborator and confidant co-created this limited-edition line in her honour. “My sister’s fans are so lovely and respectful,” he said. “But if they see something that is not approved by [the family], they attack it. They are very protective of my sister, which is heartwarming.”

He goes on to give credit to Aaliyah’s fans who his mother calls “the special ones.” He says they are the reason this collaboration is here in the first place. There was actually a social media petition that asked MAC to consider creating one. “My mother has these storage units that she always talks about trying to downsize. She actually has my sister’s make-up, her lipsticks [in there] still. We were able to grab them and show them to MAC,” Haughton said.

It goes to show how relevant Aliyah still is both in pop culture and beauty lifestyle. Nearly two decades after her tragic death in a plane crash Vogue points out how much this collection feels as authentic to Aaliyah as any other beauty line fronted by a living celebrity – Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Kardashian-West among them.

The newly released Aliyah MAC makeup line includes the Baby Girl bronzing powder. “That was her nickname,” says Haughton. “She always dreamed of having her own makeup line, and we wanted it to feel familiar but also be able to move into the future, because she was always so revolutionary with her looks.”

You can also get a hold of the Try Again matt lipstick or a sheer nude lip gloss in a shade called Brooklyn Born. The limited-edition collection includes lipstick, pencils and eye colour palette

MAC x Aaliyah Make-up

MAC x Aaliyah Make-up

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