Mai Atafo’s new bridal collection will bring brides’ dreams to life

Have you ever thought to yourself that you may never be able to actually wear your dream wedding dress? Not because it’s too unrealistic or you cannot afford it, but you find yourself restricted by variables beyond your control.

Every bride’s dream is to get heads turning as she struts down the aisle in her gown and she will break every rule to make it happen. But here comes your parents, your soon-to-be mother-in-law, your pastor and the pages of church rules, or even that nosey aunt, all who are determined to kill those dreams.

Nigerian designer, Mai Atafo is undoubtedly a leader in the fashion/wedding department and with this new collection, he’s set to help brides actualise their fancy wedding dress dreams.

Aptly labelled ‘The Heart’, this collection of bridal gowns breaks down the conventional and is inspired by the desires of real brides that Mai Atafo has met over time.

The Bridal Couture 2018 collection which has been touted as Mai’s most exquisite collection to date will be unveiled at a private soiree at his studio, Block 95 Omonrinre Johnson, Lekki at 1pm tomorrow.


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