7 beauty tips that will make your selfies look better than ever

Aren’t you tired of taking a thousand and one selfies just to find the perfect one to put on instagram. Of always being that person in the group picture who starts begging everyone else to take it down because your duck face looks like an actual duck? If you are, you should try out this tips -and I should apply for a sales job right? No? oh ok!

  1. Don’t skip the primer. On those days when you know you are going to attend about three or four events, hence taking selfies with tons of people, you should never skip your primer. Your primer lets your concealer and foundation go on smoothly giving your skin an even glow.
  2. It’s all about the angle. Find what angle works for you, you know how people say take my good side, when taking pictures so find your good side.
  3. Check out your makeup in natural light before heading out. If it’s already late at night, do your makeup under a fluorescent bulb, to make sure all your contouring and strobing is properly blended.
  4. Your beauty blender should be your best friend, there’s nothing worse than looking like this, when you take a selfie with the flash on.
  5. When in doubt, go for a smokey eye. Playing with colours when putting on your eye makeup, doesn’t always work out. So if you are not sure about the colours you picked, go for a smokey eye.
  6. Red lips are also a classic look that never go wrong. Some nude lipstick colours make you look washed out under the wrong lightning.
  7. Stick a pack of blotting sheets in your purse, to dab away the excess oil on your face before taking a selfie.
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