From an Air force base party to NYSC and best-‘friendship’ – Bukola & Damola

The confidence that comes with true love, is indeed beautiful.

It is anchored on trust and respect, with the passion that guides a happy forever.

That’s exactly the feeling, that envelopes the love Bukola shares with Damola.

How they met:

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Bukola: It all began on one of my fine summer visits to Nigeria. I had been away from home for a while, so on one good Friday, I invited my friends over to my house at Air Force base for a necessary “catch up session”.

One of my friends asked if she could invite her friend over, and I told her it was fine, as long as he was an “alright” guy.

Later on, Damola arrived and she went outside to speak with him. I invited him inside after a while, because I supposed he would be tired, since he was on his way back from work. I said hello, although he seemed a bit more reserved and quiet.
It was time for dinner, and I invited everyone over to the table, but Damola declined the offer. I noticed he wasn’t too comfortable, so I decided to have a little chat with him, which in the process, I got to know his late father was in the Air Force, just as mine was, and that they once lived in Air Force base.

This simple similarity triggered a bond between us, and became the beginning of our friendship. Well, let’s say the chat did the magic, and he finally ate before leaving, and I confirmed he was really “an alright guy” too…




I left for the UK later on that week, and one of the days I was on Facebook, his name came up in the “people you may know bar”, and I added him up, which I don’t normally do, but now I realize that was God directing me.

Couple of days later, my friend asked for my permission to give Damola my pin, because he had been disturbing her, and I gave her a go ahead. I accepted his request after some days, and we started chatting. One of the days, I asked him some questions, which I call the “21 questions”, those questions made up my checklist for my perfect man, and Damola was a true reflection of my happy now, tomorrow and forever, as he easily soothed my soul with his responses, although at that time I needed a friend more than a relationship. He became my best friend eventually, and our friendship blossomed.
I came back to Nigeria for my NYSC, where I created an opportunity for our friendship to blossom even more. He was so caring, and always called me. One of the days, I fell ill, he called and prayed for me, I was deeply impressed and joyed by this simple gesture, because I had always prayed for a God fearing man, so, I was convinced that I had found my husband. From that point on, I knew our lives would be entwined forever, because it was true love, the kind of love that is soul redeeming.
Our relationship was sweeter than honey, having respect, care, and understanding. So when he visited the UK after I had passed out from my NYSC program, I had the feeling he came to propose but then he wasn’t saying anything, I began to wonder what he had in mind. Prior to the day he was suppose to return to Nigeria, I was looking for a clue to his plans, but I found none. He planned it all smart, left no clues.

He took me out on a surprise date, and proposed, it was a real surprise, he had planned it with the staffs in the restaurant. I wondered when he had the time to do so knowing that was his first time there. lol. Anyways, I was filled with so much joy I kinda froze looking at him on one knee …… Duhhhh!!!!! I said YES!

My Damola is the real perfect gentleman, and from that day, it has been a parade of beautiful moments and my life has become the complete picture, I had always believed in.

I believe in the home we would build, and the love we share. There’s nothing more desirable than marrying my best friend. I have found it all, all the goodness that I need to be a complete woman.


I couldn’t be any happier, that I found my Adedamola Oluwatosin Ademulegun, my best friend, my better half, the bone of my bone, the triumph of my existence, and the one whom I will love and cherish always and forever…

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