Meerah’s Closet : How To Fill In Your Brows

On this week’s edition of Meerah’s Closet, you will be learning how to fill in your eyebrows.
IMG-20150819-WA0002Step 1: Outline your brows softly, never start from the very front to avoid the boxy brows look 

IMG-20150819-WA0003 (1)Step 2: Outline the top part of the brows softly, try avoid putting pressure on your brows to avoid that harsh look


Step 3 : Fill in any gaps

IMG-20150819-WA0006Step 4: For a cleaner finish, use your concealer to outline the bottom part first, starting from the tail.IMG-20150819-WA0005


– outline the upper part as well for a cleaner look

IMG-20150819-WA0010 (1)

Step 5: Blend with finger to remove excess concealer



– softly blend out the excess as seen above 

IMG-20150819-WA0020Step 6: Set your brows with a sealer ( this step is optional)


Finish Look – your brows should look like this when you done


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