Meet the bride-to-be who chose to apply ‘make up’ on her face before accepting her man’s proposal



Ladies, how would you rather react when your soulmate eventually pops the ‘will you marry me’ question?

The other day, a lady ran away at first impulse when she sighted the ring (HERE), but this time, the lady in question, Afaa chose to apply make up on her face first 馃檪

You see, Afaa and Percy will be getting married in December but they have been gracious enough to share their beautiful love and proposal story with us, enjoy!njll

Their love story

Afaa and Percy have got a Never say Never love story, that is, fight for what you believe in and go for what you want, yea go for it.

Percy first spotted Afaa in September 2013, at Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in Abuja when she was returning to Port- Harcourt after attending her sister鈥檚 law call to bar ceremony in Abuja.


In that moment, Percy said to himself, this is my wife but he could not foster the courage to walk up to her so he just sat there and admired her from a distance till her flight was announced and she walked away to board the plane.

afaa and percy7

He began regretting why he did not ask for her number after she had gone but as God would have it, he came across a guy who works with Arik Airlines who had helped him purchase his ticket earlier.


Well, they got chatting and lo and behold, the guy also turned out to be her airline ticket agent,he immediately asked him for her contact number and even had to give him some money in exchange for her number.afaa and percy6

Filled with so much joy he began calling and unfortunately Afaa was very reluctant to give him any audience because she did not personally give him her number and didn’t entertain such gestures but Percy was adamant and very persistent and kept calling and messaging her but Afaa did not bulge.

8 months later, Percy travelled abroad on a course and one noon, he came across Afaa鈥檚 Facebook profile and watsapp picture on his colleague and friends鈥 phone.

afaa and percy5 afaa and percy4

He was really excited and pleaded for an introduction between them but his colleague failed to introduce him to her.

Fast forward to June 2014, he attended a party with that same colleague of his and while the party was ongoing,聽 Afaa walked in with her twin sister and a friend.

Afaa and Percy1 Afaa and Percy2

Percy quickly rushed over to her with his friend by his side and he ensured that the latter introduced him to her.

Trying to play nice, Percy offered to get her drinks but she turned down the request, he also asked for a dance but got turned down too. Well this time, Percy was determined and bold so he kept pushing. When it seemed he wasn’t getting attention, he went down on his knees and pleaded saying

“Dear Afaa, I won’t leave til I have your number and permission to call you”.

The act made her smile.

Afaa and Percy

However, she promised to give him the phone number another day, that is, when next she saw him.

After a while she walked out of the party and got into her car ready to drive off,聽 only for Percy to show up in front of the car saying聽 “you will hit me today if you don鈥檛 give me your number.”

Afaa was like “Dude, are you this desperate…”

It was really funny but Afaa鈥檚 twin sister persuaded her to give him the phone number. It wasn’t until he got the number that he let her drive off.

afaa afaa2 afaa3afaa5 afaa6

Soon, the phone calls began.

Afaa wasn鈥檛 totally receptive but she picked up the calls and spoke to him not withstanding, she kept posting him until one day when she randomly decided to meet with him and have dinner.

The dinner was like magic, they clicked, they chatted all through the evening…they went on multiple dates afterwards and soon became inseparable.

Five months after, on the 13th of December Percy proposed to her at a close knit inter-family get together night which held at her elder brother鈥檚 house.

He proposed with a long heartfelt speech, beautiful roses, 18k diamond ring with blue rubies.


Afaa who was the only one that didn’t see the proposal coming (He planned it with everyone at the get together) was stunned.

She blinked and immediately called her twin sister to help put up a little make up on her face.

“I don’t want to look plain in the photos” she said.

Afaa and Percy3

Everyone burst into laughter. After the make up was done, she smiled, accepted the ring and said Yes!


Photo credit: 7th April

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