Memo to future Brides & Grooms from a concerned wedding photographer

Are you getting married anytime soon?

Then this deep message from wedding photographer, Kevin Obosi is for you!

Dear future Brides & Grooms

There are no cheap #weddings these day, I honestly applause every single wedding am privileged to shoot, be it at Buckingham Palace or Burger King, it ain’t cheap.

Lately everyone’s trying so hard to impress NO ONE on social media.. Do not rack up debts because you’re trying to make a “statement”, if you’ve got the resources by all means flaunt it but if not, cut your coat according to your CLOTH not SIZE…because you can’t have a meter of fabric and you want a dress that requires four metres…Naaa
There’s life after WEDDING which is called MARRIAGE.

Money Matter seems to be one major source of crack in any union… So please be wise.

Ps: this advice is NOT directed to ANY B&G whatsoever it’s just a personal opinion…

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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