No, tampons cannot travel up and 4 other things you must know about your vagina

Have you ever taken a good look at your vagina in a mirror?

When you stand naked in front of a mirror, you actually have to sit back and raise your legs high in the air to get a good look at it. For some reason a lot of women are uncomfortable with this, I’m pretty sure some people are cringing at how many times I’ve used the word vagina already.

But it is a part of our bodies, and every once in a while we need to take a peek at what is going on down there. Because of how unacquainted most women are with their honey pots -is that better?- they are quick to believe a lot of misconceptions about it.

So here are some quick fun facts about your vajayjay.

  1. Your vagina will shrink back after you give birth.
    Yes it’ll take time, but it will shrink back to it’s usual size after childbirth. However if you pop out like five babies in a row, then I can’t exactly guarantee that it will.  Oh and good news, having regular sex also won’t make your it looser either.
  2. Your tampons can’t travel up.
    Just in case you didn’t know, it’s a dead end up there, it’s literally impossible for your tampons to travel up through your vagina, into your stomach or something.
  3. Kegel exercises really don’t tighten your vagina.
    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they really don’t do shit for your vagina. Ok they are not exactly useless, even though Kegel exercises don’t actually tighten your vagina, they do help to strengthen your vaginal muscles-no it’s really not the same thing- , giving you more control over your vagina during sex.
  4. Your vagina will age with the rest of your body.
    With time, your tits will fall, and your ass will sag and even your trusty old vagina will loosen up on you. It’s inevitable so you should probably come to terms with it now.
  5. They clean themselves.
    It is not a myth, just like a cat -get it?-, your vaginas do clean themselves, and it’s actually very unhealthy to use a douche. In fact most of the supposedly sensitive products do more harm than good, your best bet is too use just water and let it clean itself.
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