Oluwatosin & Oluwaseun’s Military Style Grand Wedding | Lutosin Gbela

Tosin weds Seun Weddaily008We told you last week that Military men make the best husbands (HERE).

When we received Oluwatosin & Oluwaseun‘s prewedding, wedding and traditional wedding photos in our inbox, we knew we had found a keeper.

The couple got married on the 4th & 5th September, 2015 in a Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony and a military style white wedding. The pictures are nothing short of glam, documenting the couple’s love and unique bond.

Their Prewedding Photos: Tosin weds Seun Weddaily013Tosin weds Seun Weddaily011Tosin weds Seun Weddaily010 The Traditional Wedding: Tosin weds Seun Weddaily005Tosin weds Seun Weddaily002Tosin weds Seun Weddaily001 The White Wedding: Tosin weds Seun Weddaily003Tosin weds Seun Weddaily006Tosin weds Seun Weddaily004Tosin weds Seun Weddaily007Tosin weds Seun Weddaily009Tosin weds Seun Weddaily016Tosin weds Seun Weddaily015Tosin weds Seun Weddaily012Tosin weds Seun Weddaily014 Photography: @lutosingbela

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