How much conditioner does your hair really need?

Our weather is incredibly humid, and our hair suffers the most from it. For our hair to thrive, we constantly need to slather on oils and conditioners. Most people with natural hair, have extensive love affairs with conditioners and tend to buy two or three at a go. But you can’t really blame them, our curl patterns flourish whenever we soak our manes in conditioner. Apart from that our hair becomes way more manageable and easier to style, and there is honestly no greater feeling in the world than manageable hair.

But just how much conditioner and oil do our manes need? How do you know when you’ve put on too little or too much. For a lot of people, I’m sure the answer to that is that there is no such thing as too much conditioner or coconut oil. Well the truth is that there is, and the odds are that you’ve been drowning your hair, in them and it’s high time you give it a break.

This is your hair
This is your hair.


Putting too much conditioner in your hair, is actually damaging for it, in case you didn’t know. It leads to build up, that causes your hair to look limp and greasy (sort of like Korede Bello’s own).


Even though we all obviously need conditioner, try and buy conditioner based on your hair type and condition. Like if you have damaged hair, which is common with people who relax their hair too often, you need a restoring conditioner. Whether your hair is full and frizzy, or sparse and lanky there are conditioners out there tailored to fit whatever is going on with your hair.


Focus on putting your conditioner on the body of your hair, and avoid the roots. Putting conditioner near your scalp, could clog your follicles slowing hair growth.

If you are not using a leave in conditioner, make sure you rinse it all out before drying. That thing about not rinsing out all the conditioner from your hair being better for the hair, is a myth. The only conditioner allowed to sit in your hair for more than thirty minutes is leave-in conditioner.

So give your hair a break, stop putting conditioner everyday, and put it three times a week instead.

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