Wear all white without looking like an extra from a R Kelly video

I’ve never been a fan of the all white look. Mostly because it always reminds me of R. Kelly’s Step in the name of love video. As much as we all loved the song, the video was just full of so many badly dressed people, even for the ’00s. So to avoid looking like a walking throwback, you could try following these tips.

  • Mix up the textures if you are wearing any two piece outfit. For instance if you are a wearing a white lace skirt, you can pair it up with a white chiffon blouse. This keeps the look interesting.


  • You could throw in a pop of colour(s), with your accessories. Please never pair an all white outfit with matching white shoes and bags, you are not auditioning to be cast as Angel Gabriel(la). However, if you are not in the mood for brightly coloured accessories you can pair your outfit with nude or beige accessories.


  • If you maybe have an all white themed party, and you have no idea what to wear, get white nicely tailored pants you can then pair with anything you want. You can never go wrong in tailored pants.
Credit: fashionpheeva.com
Credit: fashionpheeva.com
  • Wear, a white dress. It’s simple and can only go wrong if you wear white accessories with it. Again don’t.


  • If you are wearing a two-piece outfit, please make sure your whites match. There are actually several shades of white, and wearing two different shades together, always looks off.
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Meanwhile just in case you were wondering what I was talking about, when I mentioned badly dressed people in the R. Kelly video, and because we know you’ve missed the song we’ve popped in the video for you guys.


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