Short horror story: How I burnt a patch of my hair

Ok so it was nothing as dramatic as this picture, but I still feel the need to start this post with never ever try this at home guys.

So I had just relaxed my hair, and was looking forward to rocking my natural hair for a week or two before putting in a weave, or getting braids done. The only problem was that by the third day I was bored out of my mind and ready to try out new things, since I still wasn’t quite ready to attach anything to my hair yet. I decided to curl it up…myself.

I had a brand new curling iron I had never used which I plugged in to heat up properly while I went about my business for some time. Before plugging in the iron, I had just washed and conditioned my hair but was too lazy to use a hair dryer to dry it properly, so I let it air dry and this was apparently where my problems began.



At the time I sat to begin curling my hair, it was still pretty damp but I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I proceeded to wrap a large chunk of my hair around the steaming hot curling iron.

I began to smell burning hair almost immediately but for some reason I didn’t immediately unwrap my hair from the iron -doesn’t hair that’s being straightened always smell like burnt hair? Anyway by the time I tried to pull out the iron from the section of my hair it was wrapped into, a patch of my hair came off with it.

giphy (17)

Turned out using a curling iron -or even straightener- on wet or damp hair could cause serious damage. My hair still hasn’t recovered from the damage, and I have sworn off straighteners and curling irons for a while.

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