Some of the best damn beauty advice you will ever get

There’s a ton of beauty advice out there. We get advice from the internet, from beauty experts, and even from our mums. Some are helpful and stay with us for life, some do nothing for you and some are downright dangerous -like about half of the ones on Pinterest-.

Here is some of the best beauty advice, I’ve ever gotten that has actually worked for me over the years.

  1. Not to over pluck my brows. Remember the horrendous jobs we used to do on our brows with a tweezer as teenagers? My sister always stopped me from over plucking my then bushy ass brows. Now even though they are considerably thinner -she couldn’t always stop me- I’m glad she was there to stop me.
  2. To smile more. I used to have a condition known as “resting bitch face”, as a result I really didn’t smile much and my mum was forever on my case. She’ll tell me to smile more, if not I’ll have wrinkles by 40, I smile way more now, and even though I don’t know if they’ll truly keep me wrinkle free, I have way more friends than I used to.
  3. Use sunscreen, and keep out of the sun as often as possible. I used to get terribly sun burnt -yes black people get sunburns- and a friend recommended a good sunscreen for me, and told me to keep out of the sun more. Within a couple of weeks, my skin looked great, now using sunscreen is at the top of my beauty routine.
  4. Splurge on your moisturizer. Get the fancy shit, and give your skin daily treats. Trust me, the difference will be clear, within a couple of weeks you’ll never go back and your skin will thank you.
  5. Drink a shit load of water. My dad used to tell me, no matter how much water you drink daily, you are probably not getting enough so drink more. And he was right. Everything feels right with your body when you are getting enough water. Your skin glows, your hair shines and your chi gets balanced.
  6. With makeup, less is often more. I’ve learnt to be a little light handed when putting on my makeup, so it doesn’t look too heavy.
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