Stop looking like a slob at the gym

We know it’s just the gym, but looking good is good business, so you shouldn’t always look like hell froze over. To avoid looking like a slob, try the following tips

  1. Do your brows, since a full face beat is not practical -seriously stop it, it’s not-. Getting just your brows done gives your face a nice lift.
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  2. Don’t do any actual work, do a couple of lunges and stretches whenever a hot guy passes you, but apart from that just strut around and take selfies with you in your brand new Nike gym kit
  3. Keep your hair up and out of your face when working out, so that 30 minutes in, even though you are starting to sweat out of places you didn’t even know you had sweat glands, you won’t have hair sticking to your face.
  4. If you go to the gym in the mornings, skip using your moisturiser until after your post workout shower.
  5. Invest in workout clothes that make your body look amazing, you don’t have to use the sweats you have had for three years that now has holes in some rather inconspicuous areas. Get brighter colours that would look flattering on your skin.
  6. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid raccoon eyes from your sweat and tears -because there will be tears-.
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