The Body Shop: 5 Sure Techniques To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

Use natural bleaching agents: a thin slice of potato, cucumber (mixed with lemon juice), and orange peel can work magic on your underarm if you apply generously to the affected area twice daily. Let your underarm soak the juice in for 15 minutes and you can rinse off afterwards.

Vinegar and milk can also be used.

Use Exfoliators and Moisturizers: Exfoliating soaps and creams typically take of tayers of dirt off your skin. Add mosturizers afterwards to get your skin supple soft. You can either use the normal exfoliting and mosturiing soaps/cream,or you go for natural agents like aloe vera, lecithin, etc

Most black soaps are good exfoliators.

Waxing instead of Shaving: Waxing removes hair off your skin from the root. Shaving, however, has to bruise your skin over to scrape hair off. This continuous stroke of blade over your skin is what eventully makes your underarm thick and dark. With waxing, you won’t have to go through the stroking trouble, and your skin will remain as tender as ever.

Some hair removal creams also cause skin darkening.

Check your diet: You have to reduce your starch and sugar intakeand boost your vitamin swallow.

Vitamin A (as in Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Dark green vegs, Apricots, Red Pepper, Tuna fish and Mangoes) is known to be one of the best anti-aging fighters. Consume food rich in Vitamin A regularly, and you’ll dismiss, or reduce skin wrinkage.

Vitamin B3 (as in Chicken and Turkey breasts, Liver, oil roasted peanuts, mushroom, green peas and avocado) rehydrates your skin, making it softer and reduces the redness that may be caused from shaving.

Vitamin C (as in most citrus fruits like Orange, Tangerine, etc) help remove or reduce spot and blemishes.

See a dermatologist: Most general hospitals have them. They are skin experts, and will help you examine your underarm if you my need remedies beyond the above.

Try these and in a few weeks, come tell us how magical they’ve worked for you.

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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