The Body Shop: Coping With Sweaty Palms- 3 Ways

Sweaty palms is a medical condition known as Palmar Hyperhidrosis. It can really be embarrassing and discomforting. Having to hand shake many people can be a problem, and writing can be a lot difficult too.

Except for the botox injection (onabotulinumtoxin A) and sympathectomy (I strongly do not advise this procedure, except your condition is a really terrible one), there are only routine remedies for sweaty palms.


Botox is an injection that is inserted to the palm, and can stop the sweating for up to 6 months. However, it can be quite expensive and discomforting and that is the drawback to the use of this method.

So if you can’t cough the thousands of dollars medically required to treat your sweaty palms, below are 3 major routine remedies you can deploy.

Wash, Disinfect, and Dry


Sweating on your palm is the same as sweating through other pores of your body. You need to wash your hands regularly, like bathing, to ensure a clean and healthy palm all the time.

Another reason why you have to do this often is because most bacteria are hydrophilic (water loving) and will thrive on your sweaty palms. You hold toilet door handles, you hand shake people everywhere, you touch bannister railings and much more. These contact points expose you to millions of bacteria daily.

So disinfect. Carry a hand sanitizer around all the time, and use it.

Ensure to carry a towel around all the time too. You chances of excessive sweating are reduced when you undergo these routines frequently.

Use antiperspirants


Yes. I said it.

Antiperspirants are liquid substances used to prevent or reduce perspiration. The fact that it is mostly used for the under arm doesn’t mean that it cannot be applied elsewhere on your body. Use them on your palms too. They were made to prevent or reduce sweat.

There are “Not-Dos” too. Vaseline and other petroleum jelly are not good for sweaty palms. If you must use gloves, ensure to remove them at frequent intervals through the day.

Try iontophoresis and oral medication (if you must)


Iontophoresis is a mild technique that can even be done at home. This procedure introduces ionic compounds into your body through the skin via medical device. During iontophoresis, the hands are immersed in water while an electrical current is sent through the water. A prickling sensation can be felt, but the procedure is pain-free.

Anticholinergics are medicines that have the after effect of stopping sweat. While they can be quite effective, they are not necessarily huge on the game of preventing your sweats.

In all, routine procedures seem to be the safest. But if you must, a surgery or botox may not be bad.

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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