The Body Shop: Simple Exercise Tips For The Jaw


Imagine you woke up one morning, yawn as usual, and your mouth just stayed woke like that. You try everything but the wide stretch of our jaw wouldn’t close up again! Gangster right?

Many people face this problem and it is devastating. For most of us, it has happened mildly. That period when your jaw just feels weird. It’s not hurting but it’s just exhibiting every stretch of discomfort.

Jaw exercises are a good routine to engage in, at least once a week. They help relax the jaw joint (TMJ) and facial muscles. More so, enhance “Chewability”.

Imagine we ran a marathon every day, we’d probably take the time to stretch our legs and care for our knees, ankles, and hips. We’d have to, if we expected those systems to continue to function at such a high capacity day after day. Running a marathon every day is pretty extreme, even for the most trained athletes, and yet many of us ask our TMJ and facial muscles to do exactly that – often without even realizing it.

We eat, we talk, we swallow, we chew gum, and many of us clench and grind our teeth when we are intensely focused, under stress, or even unconsciously in our sleep.

We can benefit from stretching and caring for our jaws. And for those of us experiencing stiffness, aching, or spasms in that area, self-care becomes even more important. Even headaches can be related to tension and spasm in the facial muscles, and stretching those muscles may often help alleviate headache pain. Practicing the stretches detailed below can significantly reduce – and even prevent – the aches and pains most often associated with jaw joints and facial muscle fatigue.



Begin with your jaw in a centered, relaxed position and your teeth slightly separated.

Stretch Open & Return to Center


Slowly open your mouth as wide as is comfortable while looking up with your eyes. Hold for 5 seconds, and then slowly return to your starting position. The movement should be smooth and even. Do not ‘bounce’ at the extension in an attempt to push the stretch further.

Stretch Left & Return to Center


Now slowly shift your lower jaw to the left as far as is comfortable while looking to the right with your eyes. Use the same smooth and even movement, and again, do not ‘bounce’. Hold for 5 seconds, and then slowly return to center

Stretch Right & Return to Center


Same step as number 3, but this time move your lower jaw to the right and look to the left with your eyes. Hold for 5 seconds and return to center.

Stretch Open & Return to Center


Again Repeat step two again.

Stretch Forward & Return to Center


Slowly slide your lower jaw forward so that your lower teeth extend beyond your upper teeth. If your muscles are very tight, this stretch may be difficult. Don’t worry if you can’t get your lower teeth out in front of your upper teeth at first. Do the best you can without inducing pain. Hold for five seconds, and return to center.

Repeat the cycle two more times.


Resource contribution from Dr Martha Rich

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