Hat attack: The 5 types of head gear you want to be caught dead in

There has been a wave of hat attacks going around Lagos since early last year. We run down a list of the best of the best of the trend in case you want to hop on it. And there is no reason you should not. Hats are not only essential for our weather, but they are uber cool and throwing on the right one gives you that street style ready look.

  1. Fascinators
    What’s not to love about fascinators? Don’t you feel so fancy when wearing them? Like you need silk gloves and a long cigar to complete the look? Fascinators have taken over Lagos weddings, but we are predicting them dominating the red carpets this year.
  2. Bowlers
    These have a quirky but fun look. They make an otherwise serious looking outfit feel more relaxed; like you just woke up and threw on a couple of things from your closet but still managed to look very stylish.
  3. Wide brim
    These were the most common for last year. At some point, it felt like the whole of Lagos had them on (especially at the fashion week). But this doesn’t change the fact that they are stylish and just perfect for bad hair days. The wide brims give you rather solid protection from Lagos.
  4. Fedoras
    I don’t think you can go wrong with a Fedora.You can wear them with a playful dress or jeans, you can wear them for a formal occassion or a playful one. These are the most versatile of hats.
  5. Baseball
    I think this is a basic necessity for everyone’s closet. They are not the most stylish of hats but you can slap them on almost anything. Remember that it is never alright to wear a baseball hat to a formal event.


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