It is wedding season so why don’t you have these 5 items yet?

Actually when isn’t it wedding season in Lagos? If your Saturdays are booked solid for the next couple of weeks with weddings you just have to attend then you know how much wahala it is finding something to wear to every one of them. Especially when you didn’t buy asoebi because you honestly cannot buy asoebi for every single wedding you are invited for.

So here are a couple of style items you probably already have in your closet, which you can throw together for a wedding. And if you don’t have them, what exactly is in your closet?

  1. An LBD. It is 2016 and you can wear black to a wedding because nobody still thinks black is a colour meant for just funerals. Get a simple and sexy one you can wear straight from church to the reception, to the after party at Escape ( apparently this is a thing now.)
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  2. Tailored slacks. If you have friends of marriageable age and you don’t have a pair of well tailored slacks, I’m honestly a little worried for you. You can pair them with most tops in your closet ( not t shirt please), the slacks do most of the work for you once you put them on,they are simple and classy and will always give you a well put together look
  3. A blazer. Throwing a blazer on literally anything makes it look good. Pairing a blazer with that floral dress you will usually only wear to a small get together, can transform the dress to wedding material.
  4. Pick something from the ton of asoebi you already have stashed away in your closet. It is really not a crime especially when you have the exact colours picked out on the invitation card just sitting in your closet. If the style consists of a skirt and blouse, you can mix and match it with other fashion items in your closet. Maybe not take as many pictures this time around.
    This doesn't have to be you
    This doesn’t have to be you
  5. Great fitting jeans. You know those plain blue ones you paid a fortune for because your ass looked so great in it. Don’t waste them on a trip to the mall, there is a reason they cost you an arm an leg, they look fantastic. These days jeans is no longer equivalent to casual and a great pair of jeans paired with just the right top can go to a wedding.
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