The president’s photographer and the woman that holds the key to his heart

Whoosh, we are super excited!

The official photographer of the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, Bayo Omoboriowo will get married to the queen of his heart, Lola Omitokun this weekend.

Their story is laced with so much love and humor.

When they first met, Lola jokingly told Bayo that she would love to be proposed to in Dubai, and if there was anything Bayo wanted to do, he knew he wanted to give her what she desired even if it meant going the extra mile!

Fast forward to early 2015, Bayo fulfilled Lola’s greatest wish.

Their proposal story:

Lola had planned a vacation to Dubai to relax and also check for some equipment for her business idea.

Bayo jumped at this opportunity and volunteered to sponsor part of the trip. That was where the planning started.

He contacted LoveBugs Productions and they planned it out.

“Being a close friend of the couple, we planned that I would accompany Lola on the trip in the guise of getting equipment for our outfit and Bayo would join us a day after to propose to her. So myself and Lola planned the entire trip together, without Lola knowing she was actually planning her own proposal.
When we got to Dubai, we were joined by other friends Kemi and Sunny. On one of our tourist trips to the Gold Souk, we made Lola select her favorite ring in the store in the guise that it was for my sister who was to wed soon.That turned out to be the proposal ring.

Bayo and Jide Odukoya joined us a day later. I must say it was a very tough one for Bayo as he constantly had to message Lola via Whats app and his name automatically became “Agent” all through my calls so she doesn’t suspect. We got the ring she selected the previous day (I had spoken with the sales personnel to keep the ring) and Bayo proposed to her that same evening.”

Love Bugs excitedly narrated.

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You might want to check out the proposal video (HERE)

The couple already had their registry wedding a few months ago, but their big wedding will hold tomorrow in Lagos.

We  shall bring you exclusive updates from the big wedding 🙂

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