Does the SPF in your makeup really protect you from the sun?

I’m always stressing about just how much we need sunscreen, especially here in Nigeria where the sun is almost a;ways out. UV damage from the sun doesn’t just get you sun burnt, which is something that’ll fade eventually, it also opens up your skin to the risk of getting cancer. A good number of people have the misconception that since there is SPF in some of their makeup, like the powders and foundations they really don’t need to get a proper sunscreen.

The truth is when a tube of foundation slaps on SPF 25 on it’s possible, the odds are that each time you use it, you are only getting sun protection of about SPF 10 at most.  I’m not saying such makeup products don’t give you a certain level of protection from the sun, it’s just not enough to protect you from UV damage. The average person needs to use about a table spoon of sun screen, in order to get enough protection from it.

I should point out that UV damage doesn’t only occur because of long hours spent directly under the sun. The hours spent in Lagos traffic, with the sun beating down on your face and body through your windows also causes damage. While it’s great that your makeup contains SPF, and that most definitely helps in fighting of sun damage, using makeup with SPF content is not enough, you always need your sunscreen.

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