The Yoruba boy that found love in the arms of an Americana | Darasimi and Melle

 Fasten your seat belts guys and get ready to be blown away by Melle and Darasimi’s amazing love story!

How they met?

Melle narrating; Darasimi and I met at University in London, 3 and half years ago at a Christian Union Fellowship meeting. Darasimi instantly caught my eye, but I waited for him to pursue me first! Weeks later, we found ourselves chatting over some hot chocolate at Starbucks and to my surprise, realised we had so much in common. We then decided to begin the relationship after prayer and advice from our pastors.




What was the best highlight of your wedding day?

Melle: My bridesmaids surprised me with a moving tribute video at the reception. They included really cheesy/embarrassing clips from my school days, scriptures that are really central to our friendship, and many pictures that tell a thousand stories! It really made me appreciate how far we’ve come as friends and how much time and effort they have invested in our friendship which spans from 8-12 years. My #TeamMelle were definitely the highlight of my day, without them, the day wouldn’t have run as smooth as it did. Big up to you girlies! x

Darasimi: As remarkably cheesy as it sounds, I’d say my best moment of our wedding day was my very first dance with my wife. Despite how much I hate dancing, it was at that moment I realised I can do anything with Melle and not feel embarrassed by it. And that’s because she makes me feel confident wherever I am.





What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?

Melle: Stay calm and plan way ahead! We were engaged for 18 months and pretty much planned shortly after I said yes! Surround yourself with a dream team; whether that’s your parents, your bridesmaids/ushers/groomsmen, aunties, uncles or even co-ordinators. It helps to have an army of people who share your vision and will help bring it to life whilst offering constructive criticism if your plans are a little unrealistic. Don’t be a lone bride, people are there to share in your joy! Also, smile at every opportunity you get on your big day, it goes so quickly and no matter what happens on the day, ladies, if you leave your wedding ceremony with a new shiny rock on your finger and a handsome man by your side, then your wedding HAS been a success!!!

Darasimi: In addition to what my wife has said, I would say as the planning gets stressful, bear in mind that the wedding is just a day, but marriage is for life. Realising that gave me the freedom to dream big for our wedding day, but keep my eyes fixed on what is really important. If it ever feels overwhelming, stay prayerful, stay with your fiancé and while you’re engaged, you are still a couple, so, go on dates, see great films, dine at great restaurants to remind yourself why you’re doing this. Above all, stay prayerful and keep God at the centre of all your affairs.



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