When Jenna met Hammed, their different cultures couldn’t stop them from being together (photos)



When it comes to true love, culture doesn’t matter.

We brought you first photos from Hammed and Jenna’s wedding last week, now we have got their love story and official wedding photos.

The beautiful bride, Jenna Puccinelli Adeleke graciously narrated their story to us below:

“We met walking down the street from the local bars in Oregon. Hammed and his friends offered to walk my friends and I home, we got to talking and we both knew there was something special between us. From the first look to the first date the level of comfort and happiness flowed between us. We both knew very soon into our relationship that this was what love felt like.

We went on our first date to a nearby lake and it felt like we had known each other forever. Not being afraid to say or do anything that wasn’t exactly who we really were. We became best friends and every spare moment we had we wanted to spend together. We went everywhere together; he came home with me for Christmas to meet my large and slightly crazy Italian family. Hammed felt very nervous but he said as soon as he met them he felt so loved and accepted, like he had always been apart of our family.

The Christmas Eve party rolled around and to my very pleasant surprise everyone loved him so much more then I ever imagined. People were coming up to me saying, “ he’s a good one Jenna, don’t let him go.” I have yet to meet his family but they seem like the most amazing group of people. So touched by God and very friendly over the phone. I can’t wait to meet them hopefully next year.

So before I knew it February rolled around and Hammed was down on his knee proposing, he looked very nervous and I was very surprised. We had only been dating for around 7 months, but for some reason it felt so right. I said yes in the middle of our favorite park, crying a little because I can’t believe how happy I was. We have both found the person we would spend the rest of our life with.

The next 6 months went by very fast and before I couldn’t even blink an eye it was time to walk down the isle. I remember the night before our wedding he snuck over to my parents to just say hi and that he loved me. We were both nervous but very ready for everything to happen. We knew the love was there and all that mattered at the end of the day was he and I. He reminded me of that so that I wouldn’t be nervous.

Finally the wedding day was here and I can hardly remember walking down the isle, as soon I saw him it was like tunnel vision, he was the only person I could look at. Our love is not something that can be written down in book or perfectly descried out loud, it is a collection of actions and God’s grace that makes what we have very special. To simply say that we love each other seems like a huge understatement, we have found companionship, friendship, laughter, love and the strength, to get through anything we can together for the rest of our lives.













DSC_0408 DSC_0327

Photo credit: Natalie Emerson of Vera in August Fine PHOTOGRAPHY.

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