These 4 style tips will get you a sugar daddy

A lot of women wake up and spend hours on makeup and picking an outfit either to impress their partners or admirers or even friends. Whatever reason it might be, we ladies love the process, and we spend a ridiculous amount of money on clothes and make up.

Now if you don’t have a steady job (or at least a well-paying one), or a partner to support these our expensive habits, how do we keep up? These style tips help you to snag a sugar daddy who can help with this.

  1. Less is not always more. Keep your style simple and classy, always attempt to look like you either come from money or are making your own money. Invest in slacks and silk shirts, they might come expensive but think about the returns you’ll make
    And they say money can’t buy class
  2. Buy yourself a very nice handbag. Think along the lines of Celine and Hermes. Once again, this is about impressions. You do not want to come out looking like you need their money, even though you won’t be able to eat for a couple of months after buying the bag. If you can’t afford the real thing go for a very good knock off (the Dubai ones are your best bet), although this is not advisable as the sugar daddy you are looking for should have an eye for these kind of things.
  3. When it comes to mak eup, go for a more natural look. Go easy on the strobbing and contouring, they don’t like those (this is not from experience). Use only the good stuff, that’s what their wives are using so they can tell the difference.
    Just try not to look like RuPaul
    Just try not to look like RuPaul
  4. Keep your weaves at a decent length and in sober colours like brown or black. Ditch all the blonde, purple and other weirdly coloured weaves and wigs. These sugar daddies do not like girls that would draw easy attention from friends of their wives, so keep it simple. That way it’s easier for them to get away with the “she is a business associate” lie.
    Ditch the colorful wigs love, you aren't Rih
    Ditch the colorful wigs love, you aren’t Rih

These are all the tips I have for you. Happy hunting!

Disclaimer: The author of this post will not be held responsible for any outcome, that may follow after the acquisition of the Sugar Daddy).

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