The Yoga Virgin Guide: Finding your happy place in chaos

by Sarah Ifidon


Finding your happy place can be the hardest thing to do with so much chaos going on around you. From managing your home, work, relationship, finance, health, career, and everything else in between, life can certainly be described as one big roller coaster ride.

How then can you get off that ride and take a break without breaking your neck? Easy! Don’t.
You need to discover your happy place to survive the bitter pill life occasionally offers. Catch a breath every now and then, taking a break won’t kill you. Now, I’m not saying jump off that roller coaster, that’s you running from your problem.

Sit your butt back down and face that problem head-on. But before you lose your head over how frustrating it is, close your eyes and drown the screaming voices you hear around you.

Scream No.1 The unending debit alerts
Scream No. 2 The crush that refuses to say hi first
Scream No. 3 The belly fat that refuses to go
Scream No. 4 That slow internet connection just when you need it
Scream No. 5 The car that seems to have a mind of its own
Scream No. 6 The traffic that never seems to seize
Scream No. 7 The alarm that rings just when the sleep is sweet
Scream No. 8 The boss who thinks the office is where you should live
Scream No. 9 The future scare that never seems to end
Scream No. 10 That text you want that never seems to come
Scream No. 11 That outfit you love but never seems to fit
Scream No. 12 The girl who thinks it’s right to propose first

Deciding your happy place isn’t easy if you haven’t had time to think about it. If you have one then good for you but if you don’t then it’s not too late. Your happy place is where you feel the most safe when surrounded by chaos. That is why most people either physically travel or just imagine they are somewhere else but their current place.

Think about a place that made you smile so much you wish you could stay in that spot forever. It can be something someone said or showed you. It’s probably a particular person that makes you light up.
Think about it, you never know when you need to reach out and stay in your happy place for a bit.

How to reach your happy place instantly

Breathe baby, breathe. With a simple breathing exercise you can get that building anger under control. If this doesn’t work for you, try the next one.

Take a stroll. You might just need a little bit of fresh air to get your head leveled once again. Try humming while you’re at it.

Listen to some soothing music. If rock’n’roll works for you then give it a try as long as it turns your frown upside down.

Phone a Friend. You don’t have to narrate a sob story of why you’re calling. You can just call to hear the voice of a familiar person. However, it’s advisable to have that one person whose voice is like a ray of sunshine in your life.

Take up a hobby. What’s that thing you enjoy doing the most? That’s your key to keeping your cool. If your hobby seems absurd at the moment of frustration then pick up another. If you’re like the people I know, then you should have more than one hobby and one should work for you at your point of need.

Try Yoga. I’m still a yoga virgin as you’ve noticed, so you don’t have to be an expert at it to try it. It all starts from the rest pose. Every pose helps you control your breathing and mediating too.

With these combined, you’ll reach your happy place in no time.

The Yoga Series (1)
I tried Yoga on the street and not a serene environment. I just wanted to get the message across that even if it all seems chaotic around me, I can still find my happy place in all of it. I feel calm when I do my limited knowledge of yoga. I choose to call myself the Yoga Virgin because there’s a lot of Yoga techniques I’m yet to breach.

You can find your solemnity too, it only takes your willpower to do it. Remember, where there is a will, there is a way.

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