We Are So Here For This #freethepimple Campaign

TSS is all about body positivity and embracing the skin that you are in so move over #MyFeelings Challenge and hello #freethepimple!

Borrowing its name from another body liberation movement (FreeThe Nipple), #freethepimple urges ladies to take a break from experimenting with acne treatments and let their skin breathe.

It is a liberation from the hassle of full-faced makeup and a celebration of your free skin.

 Founder, Louise Northcote was quoted in i-D magazine saying: “Growing up I didn’t have people who I could talk to about acne. So now I’ve built this community by using this hashtag. It’s been the most liberating feeling to finally feel okay in my skin, no matter how it looks.”

With the New York Times asking, “Is Acne Cool Now?” This new movement has definitely taken Instagram and Twitter by storm with some people calling it the acne acceptance trend. It has achieved its aim to defy normative beauty standards as more young women continue to upload their bare natural faces online.

“It has seen an embrace of people with stretch marks, an embrace of female nipples, an embrace of seeing women with their periods, and now it’s time to embrace your skin, which is why I have created #freethepimple — a movement that I hope will empower others to embrace the skin they’re in,” Northcote said.

Taking it a step further, Northcote features in a new project by London-based photographer Sophie Harris-Taylor titled Epidermis. The photo series project captures women with a variety of skin conditions completely unretouched.

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