Ladies have all the answers to these 8 guy questions

Last week, we put up a post about some questions the men had for us ladies. We promised to do our best to find answers for their questions so this is us delivering on that promise.

In case you missed the post, check it out here, Meanwhile pay attention guys you won’t find answers to these questions anywhere else.

On why we open our mouths when putting on our makeup.

Except we are putting on lipstick, the only other time we open our mouths when putting on makeup, is when we put on our mascara. Opening our mouths when putting on mascara makes application easier. Don’t question it, just accept it.


On whether we need to spend so much time on our makeup.

Until you guys try your hands at drawing a winged tip, or doing your brows or contouring. Until you know what it feels like to try and fail a hundred and one times to make the wings of your eyeliner soft, never ever question the amount of time we spend on our makeup.


On whether PMSing was a thing

Imagine blood gushing out of your penis for 5 days straight every month, and tell us how you won’t be angry at the world.

giphy (8)

On how we can tell the difference between cheap and good weaves.

Because we have two eyes the Lord has given us to see with, and when it comes to weaves we have ten over ten vision.


On whether we sleep face down, because of our boobs.

Actually anything from a D cup up, it’s honestly not the most comfortable thing in the world to sleep face down.

On how and why we spend so much on makeup.

Uh because the good shit is expensive, duh!


On why we go “it’s funny how…”, immediately after telling them not to worry about something.

Because we probably dropped mad hints,  during the conversation about the real reason we were mad and you guys are forever oblivious to it. And don’t ask why we don’t just come out with it at the begining of the conversation, that’s how things have always been done.

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On why we keep fake friends.

Who else would we shade in the group chats?

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