We’ve figured out why nail polish lasts so long on toes

One of life’s many mysteries is how our pedicure manages to stay almost pristine, weeks after our manicure has gone to shit. It’s annoying how we have to redo our manicures several times before having to do our toes, and most times the only reason we even do them is because we’ve gotten bored with the colour.

Well we’ve finally figured out why.

For starters you don’t need your feet to do household chores that involve you soaking them up in water for hours like the dishes or laundry. For most of the day, your feet are in shoes ,which protect the nail polish on your feet from getting chipped unlike with your hands. We don’t know if you guys know this but you make use of your fingers way more than you use your toes. Let’s not even get started with glitter nail polish, not only will it never chip on your toes it’s literally impossible to remove.

We can hear the “well duh captain obvious” snickers from here, but we felt it was our duty to put this out there for the oblivious folks and trust us, they are a lot.

Now you have the answer to one of life’s many mysteries, and you are welcome.

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