How to make your nail polish last forever

One of the most annoying beauty problems ever has to be chipped nail polish. No matter how many times you switch nail polish brands, from the 100 naira ones in Yaba, to the over priced ones in Casa Bella, you will still face the same problem.

Well against all odds, (doing dishes included), we’ve found a permanent (well, almost) solution to chipped nail polish.

  1. Make sure each layer you put is completely dry. You guys already know the process – base coat, one or two coats of the nail polish and then a top coat. After you put on the base coat make sure it’s dry, not almost or nearly but completely dry. Same for the two or three other coats we’ll put. We tend to put all the coats almost at once and then wait for it all to dry. You can’t do your manicure 10 minutes before going out and then expect it not to chip the next day.0d6195f22ed36ab63a80ad1d834352e636dabf30064db62561e25b5934096cc6
  2. Splurge on nail polish. You can get a colour like red or black that will look good on anything you wear for starters. Stop saying there is no difference between the Yaba Wet ‘n’ Wild and the actual Wet ‘n’ Wild because there is.
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  3. Change your nail polish as frequently as possible. You can’t leave on nail polish for a month and expect it not to chip. You can also reapply the top layer of your nail polish every two to three days to prevent chipping.
    Well except your toenails
    Well except your toenails.
  4. Dodge any housework that involves soaking them in water for long periods of time, as often as possible. So that includes doing dishes, or laundry or scrubbing tubs. If you still live with your Nigerian parents though, good luck with that.
  5. Put on thin coats, so that it dries faster. When you put on thick coat, you might get the impression that the nail polish is dry but it usually isn’t.
  6. Avoid getting polish on your cuticles. It lifts the paint from the nail and leads to chipping. Also don’t blow on your nails, dip it in cold water if you want it to dry faster.
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