What is your true skin tone?

Beyond just being light or dark skinned, a lot of people do not know what their true skin tone is. The key to buying the most perfect shade of makeup for yourself is understanding the exact type of skin tone and under tone that you have.

Just to be clear, your skin tone isn’t the shade or complexion of your skin. It is either one of the following – cool, warm or neutral. Knowing this doesn’t just help in choosing makeup, but also in selecting what colours of clothes and jewelry would be most flattering on you.

In order to determine your skin tone, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself. Look at the veins, are they blue or purple? If they are, then you are cool toned. If they appear green, then you are warm toned, if it’s difficult to determine what colour they are, then you are neutrally toned.

Another way to determine this is if you get easily sun burned. If you are most likely to tan, then you are warm toned, if you turn pinkish and burn easily, then you are cool toned (doesn’t apply if your skin is bleached however).

Even though most Nigerians are warm toned, you should find out what kind of skin tone is unique to you.

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