When Cameroonians fall in love! Sylvie and Etienne’s wedding story

Just before you go to bed, we bring you the juicy love story and colorful wedding photos of newly weds, Sylvie and Etienne.



How we met; Sylvie narrates:

On July 12 2014, family and friends were invited over to celebrate the completion of my Bachelor’s degree. Earlier that day, while we were setting up decorations etc. for the party, Etienne approached me to congratulate me. I could not help but notice the smile on his face and wouldn’t stop starring. We stood in the hallway for close to 2 hours, talking about goals, aspirations and more. I was particularly surprised he spoke to me that long; more so when he complemented me as I was comfortably dressed, my hair in a shower cap with no make-up on.

He returned for the party gift in hand, walked up to me, looked me in the eyes and said I was beautiful. I could not stop cheesing and walked away nervously. We danced together all night and as the sun came up, we shared a first kiss, my heart was his and the rest is history.

The Proposal

Sylvie narrates:

On the evening of our anniversary, just after dinner, I presented Etienne with a gift. He was taken off guard as we had agreed not to exchange gifts. In spite of this, he ripped off the wrapping paper in all excitement and dance happily at the sight of the content. I could not stop laughing as he danced frantically from room to room. When he finally returned to the living room, he walked up to me and kissed me in appreciation. The next I knew, he was down on one knee with little grey box in his right hand. I answered “YES I WILL” to his proposal “Sylvie Tajong will you marry me?” After he put the ring on my finger, we shared a moment and it was my turn to be overjoyed and dance around happily.

Etienne brings out the best in me and I am happy we found each other and fell in love. As our friendship grows so does our relationship. I am blessed to have you in my life and can not wait to stand at the Altar and say “I DO”.

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