You need to try out the snake braid

Unlike with box braids, there are not too many ways to style a sew-in weave. Sometimes we curl it, straighten it or put into braid(s), and for a very long time, the fishtail braid has been our favourite because it’s super easy and looks like we put in a lot of effort into it, when we are done.

If you are sick of the fishtail braid, and want to try out something new, you need to try out the snake braid. It looks intricate, like you put in some work into it, while it takes less than a minute to get one done.

We got this picture tutorial for the snake braid of Cosmo, in one of their rare posts that have nothing to do with relationship or sex advice.

It might take sometime for you to get the hang of it at your first attempt, I had to repeat Steps 1 to 3 a couple of times the first time I tried it, but every other time after that will be a breeze.

What do you think of the snake braid, yay or nay? However, if you do like it, I recommend you don’t do this too often because the constant sliding up motion can give your weave split ends.

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