You seriously need to try out sugar waxing

I had been hearing about sugar waxing for a while but I was pretty reluctant to try it out. I had finally gotten used to the usual waxing method -actually I still scream like a child,- and wasn’t mentally prepared for any experiments. Anyway my friend who is from the North relocated to Lagos with her family and somehow convinced me to patronize her mum who was supposedly a wizard at sugar waxing, henna designs and anything pretty much beauty related. Well turns out my friend wasn’t just being a good daughter to her mum, and she was right, her mum worked the sugar wax like magic.


I think I need to explain how the sugar waxing thing works first, because it is nothing like the regular waxing procedure. The sugar wax is made by heating up a combination of sugar, water and lemon into a gel like form, which she then spread on my leg in the opposite direction of the hair growth. She waited a bit for it to cool before peeling (yanking a little actually) the paste off my leg. The result? Most of the hair under the strip of sugar wax came off with honestly, rather minimal pain. She continued to work on my legs while we chatted.

Apparently unlike with normal waxing, the sugar wax doesn’t stick to the skin but goes into the hair follicles, softening the hair there and making it easier to pull out, which also prevents ingrown hairs. By the time she was done, my legs were silky smooth and I wasn’t whimpering in pain.

This was me after
This was me after.


Next time I’m trying it out on my lady parts, meanwhile if you hate regular waxing as much as I do, you should definitely try out sugar waxing. My friend’s mum is back up North (Lagos was too busy for her), but you could try out The Henna Place at 29, Theophilus Oji Street Lekki Phase 1. My friends swear by  it but I haven’t tried them out yet. I promise to post a review once I do.


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