Your makeup doesn’t always have to be picture perfect

I attended a wedding ceremony with my friend this past weekend, and opted to get ready at hers instead of meeting up with her at the wedding. In usual Lagos fashion, we decided to go for just the reception, which according to the invitation card would start at 1. Knowing my friend, I got to her place for 10am and tried to make her start the process of getting ready for the wedding immediately. After about an hour of goofing around, we got dressed and started to put on our makeup. Just to make it clear this was around 11am and we had planned to leave around 1pm.

This was our plan
This was our plan.

By 1 o’clock I watched in frustration as my friend wiped off her brows for the umpteenth time. Long story short we got to the wedding at about 4, of course by that time, we had missed the party jollof and were forced to socialize and dance on empty stomachs.


My face when I found out there was no food
My face when I found out there was no food.

Except you are getting ready for your own wedding, there is really no reason for you to spend three to four hours on your makeup. I’m not saying I haven’t been guilty of this but after missing an important meeting because of my makeup routine, I realized that your makeup doesn’t always have to be picture perfect. So what your winged tips aren’t identical, or your brows aren’t arched perfectly? Except they look like this, you are good to go.



We should all have makeup routines tailored to fit different occasions. Do you really have time before work to bake your face? Granted there are some occasions that require you to do the Toke Makinwa routine, but if you know you aren’t a whiz at doing your own makeup, get an early head-start and don’t let other people suffer the brunt of it. If you need to be somewhere at 12 and the last time you did a full makeup routine it took you five hours, then start doing your makeup at six. Just so you know, if you are really spending 4 to 5 hours on your makeup, no matter how extensive it is, there is a problem somewhere, and you should review the process.

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