Your ultimate list of NYSC camp essentials

If you haven’t already been shipped off to a new state for the usual NYSC orientation camp experience, then you are probably going to in a couple of days/weeks. For those who are yet to go, these camping essentials asides the mandatory requirements might just make those three weeks a little easier for you.

  1. First-aid kit
    Accidents happen, and help might not always be five minutes away at camp. Carrying your own mini first-aid kit is essential in order for you to make sure you have some level of control over the result of an accident when it occurs.
  2. Mosquito repellent
    You’ll need lots and lots of this, you shouldn’t go with one you’ve never tried before in case it irritates your skin.
  3. Packs of wipes
    There’ll be tricky ass days where for some reason or the other, you won’t be able to use the bathroom. Carry wipes along to keep you at least moderately clean.
  4. Makeup
    Don’t let camp stop you from always having your brows on fleek, invest in Urban Decay’s setting spray and your face beat might just be able to last two or three days.
  5. Collapsible portable toilet 
    Yes, these exist I didn’t just make them up. I can’t stress how much you’ll appreciate it if you are able to get your hands on one.
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