Ganiyat: I’m a 6ft heels lover, why is this a problem?

I was pretty tall as a kid, and so being stuck at the back of group pictures and seated at the back of the class over the years wasn’t new to me. But those were the only kind of restrictions my height brought me. When it came to everything else, especially the way I dressed, I was pretty expressive wearing anything and everything that pleased me.

Then I turned fifteen and discovered my love for heels. I was about 5’10 then and my conservative mother would only let me wear kitten heels. Even with the kitten heels, I would get comments like “Ahn ahn are you not tall enough?” or “Why are you looking for extra height?”

I’m 24 now and hate kitten heels as passionately as I love a beautiful pair of 5 inch black pumps, but anytime I wear them it is hard to be confident. I have people rudely tell me everything from how my height is already intimidating and I shouldn’t been wearing heels to outright sexist comments about me making my boyfriend who is a couple of inches shorter than me -and loves my height by the way- uncomfortable. The worst part has to be when people stare and point, not in admiration, but in the same way they’ll look at a freak in a circus show.

I’m 6ft tall and love my height, I’m confident in it, my body and my skin but why is it a problem when I wear heels?


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