You have probably been wasting your facial care products

Most of us go through our skin care routine as if we are being forced to do so, not really taking the time to indulge ourselves, especially on weekdays. So we usually just go through the routine like we are just trying to complete a checklist, expecting the products to start working miracles in a couple of weeks. Well the truth is, you’ve probably just been wasting your products. Which is sad because they are mostly expensive and you are not getting the expected results. So instead of your slap on, rinse, repeat, routine try this.

  1. Wash your face at least twice a day. I know washing it in the morning is a given, but resist the urge not to wash it at night. Using make up removers and wipes don’t count by the way, you actually have to wash your face at night. In my opinion if you had to do it just once, wash your face at night. Some dermatologists actually advice you not to wash your face in the morning because apparently you are washing off some essential oils your face produces and needs in your sleep (but that’s gross wash your face!)
  2. You actually need to take off your makeup, with a makeup remover before washing it. There’s only so much your scrubs and washes can do over all those layers of foundation and concealer. So use a makeup remover first.
    First step
    First step
  3. Resist the urge to scrub at your face, you know those squiggly lines at the back of your face products, they are actually instructions and directions (surprise!). Most of them instruct you to gently massage the product into your face for a full minute. Well they didn’t put that there to just annoy us, it actually helps. Use your fingertips, don’t use a sponge or wash cloth, it will most likely (actually definitely) irritate your skin.
  4. Wash your face in the sink and not the shower, especially if you love hot showers. You can use cool to lukewarm water to wash your face, but hot water as good as it might feel, is really not ideal for washing your face. Standing under the shower with water pouring down your face for long periods of time isn’t advisable either. You know how your hands look when they’ve been in water for way too long? Well you are sort of doing that to your face in the long run.
    Stop it, you aren't in a movie
    Stop it, you aren’t in a movie
  5. When you are done, pat (not rub) dry with a towel. Keep a separate towel for your face, it sounds like it’s wahala but you’ll get used to it. Plus if you really think about it, you don’t want something that’s so familiar with your ass on your face.
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