10 oh-so-gorgeous hairstyles for natural hair brides

Now here’s the scenario:

You’re a dedicated naturalista and your tresses bang, no doubt. But your big day is super close and for some weird reason, you cannot come to a conclusion on what to do with your large mass of hair.

Deciding on a wedding hairstyle is tough in itself but your frustration may double when you’re a naturalista. You need to outdo every style you’ve previously worn, you need to find the perfect hair stylist, you need to make sure your hairdo makes it to the biggest blogs and ultimately, you need to wholly pleased with yourself at your wedding ceremony.

We thought to do the work for you. If your big day is around the corner and you’re still confused as to how to style your natural tresses, here are 10 photos to inspire you. They have all been carefully selected from the Instagram page of Lagos-based hair stylist, TobbiesTouch.

Photos courtesy: @tobbiestouch

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