Phoebe Dami-Asolo Releases First-of-its-Kind Bride Guide Book: ‘Miss to Mrs’

Phoebe Dami-Asolo fondly known as the wedding counsellor has released a new book titled ‘Miss to Mrs’; which would serve as a guide for brides-to-be in Nigeria and Africa at large – as it marks the continent’s first wedding guidebook solely written from a bride’s point of view, contrary to the conventional ones which are written from the perspective of wedding planners and professional marriage counsellors.

The book, which was released nationwide on July 31 2018, contains well-elucidated steps, approaches and pivotal processes for brides to consider when planning or preparing for their wedding ceremony.

‘Miss to Mrs’ also gives brides-to-be several tips and ideas to save money effectively – which would drastically reduce the huge costs that come with planning wedding ceremonies, whilst helping them make the best choices and focus on the marriage itself

Commenting on the purpose of the book, Phoebe remarked “Just like I was, most brides-to-be are overwhelmed with the challenges that accompany the planning of a wedding ceremony – and as such, experience stress and other issues which may even go a long way to affect the marriage. These situations prompt thousands to scour for help in forms of books or other resources about wedding planning but unfortunately, none of those available contain ideas from the relatable perspective of a bride.

One of the most consequential purposes of ‘Miss to Mrs’ is to help the brides-to-be achieve a seamless planning in the different stages preceding the wedding ceremony and also focus on the new life ahead which is being a Mrs.”

Phoebe further revealed the book contains tips from marriage experts and a handful of successful brides, making it a perceptible guide for any bride-to-be in the world.

Click here to get a copy of ‘Miss to Mrs’


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