7 photos you can relate to if you ever had a bad makeup day

Just like bad hair days, we have days when absolutely everything that could go wrong with our makeup just does. And unlike bad hair days, you cannot just slap on a baseball cap or scarf on your face to hide it from the world. Except you are Tara or BMPro -and even they don’t get it right all the time- I bet you’ve had one of those days.

Here are a couple of times when you were just about ready to give up on the whole makeup struggle.

  1. When you try to make the wings of your eyeliner even, and they just refuse to cooperate even though you’ve done it over about 20 times, used a tape, spoon and your credit card.
  2. When your contour just doesn’t bang, after you followed the YouTube tutorial frame by frame a million times.
  3. Your smokey eye looks like someone gave you two black eyes or you were role playing as a raccoon.
  4. You are trying to get feather light brows but the makeup gods refuse to let you flourish, so you end up with something like this.
  5. You are trying to blend five different colours of eye-shadow together for a seamless look, but you end up looking like you were playing around with your sister’s art kit.
  6. When no matter how hard you try, your contour just doesn’t blend.
  7. When your falsies just refuse to go on the right way, no matter how many times you try.

All of these have happened to the best of us, so now, next time your winged tip just refuses to look like a wing, you know it’s just a bad makeup day and tomorrow will always be better.

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