Olaitan and Mimee will be happy forever, no matter the weather (Photos)

Olaitan and Mimee’s love story follows a timeline filled with friendship, expectations and the unwavering power of love.

Mimee who is very good with dates, recounts their love story below:

Sept 23, 2010: A friend asked me to accompany her to a mutual friend’s place. She had previously told me about a handsome tall guy but I wasn’t interested. When we got there, I wasn’t moved but to Ollydave it was love at first. I never believed that existed. The moment he saw me, he told everyone that he had just met his Wife. Everyone including me called him crazy but he got my attention and he was all over me. Two days later sha I realized that I had fallen for him.

Sept 28, 2010: This day, a sweet journey began. I told him I loved him and well we started dating. Our relationship wasn’t one you see in the movies, nah! We had real life problems, we went through thick and thin together but we stood by each other. Most of the time, it was a long distance relationship as he mostly in the UK but that didn’t change anything…loads of friends thought I was stupid for sticking by someone I hardly ever saw…but love is more than having to see someone. He had my back like a million times, when everyone turned against me, he was there for me as an amazing friend, brother and mentor.

Fast forward to Oct 31st, 2013 he proposed. I came back from a medical appointment, was really exhausted and all I wanted was to rest. Little did I know Ollydave had something planned out for me, he gave me a cake with words “Will you marry me?”inscribed on it and went on his knees in front of a few of his family members. He asked me to marry him. Why not? I could barely say yes because I cried like a baby. I even ran away before I finally gave a slight nod. It has been an exciting journey, full of love, joy and happiness. It is amazing how we have been together through very difficult situations and still hold on to each other. Honestly love really conquers all.

Six years after I am going to be saying Ï Do”..yes! I Do!! I love you so much Ollydave you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I look forward to spending  forever with you, having a beautiful family with you, having a beautiful family with you and standing by you in all situations. Happy Together Forever, No matter the weather!

Photography by Godwin Oisi photography

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