3 things you didn’t know about beauty blenders: Google’s most-searched beauty phrase in 2017

As is the custom, Google has released its most searched terms of the year 2017 and you’ll be surprised to find what confuses most people are not the things you would have imagined.

As shocking as it is that the most Googled beauty question this year is the age-long mystery “how to get rid of pimples?”, we’re the least surprised that the ‘beauty blender’ is the most-searched for beauty phrase in the year. Because let’s be frank, what really is that egg-shaped sponge every makeup enthusiast has come to love?

Whether you were led to search for the beauty blender by mere curiosity or the need to purchase one, here are 3 things we’re almost certain you do not know about 2017’s biggest makeup staple:

The beauty blender was created in 2007 by Rea Ann Silva who worked as a makeup artist on television sets for decades. She was saddled with the burden of creating flawless faces for actresses on the camera and got her Eureka moment while in a special effects class about the sponge technique.

Rea Ann Silva

It can be used wet. Or better still, it was originally designed to absorb moisture. Rea Ann Silva, in many interviews, has expressed her surprise at the fact that people use their beauty blenders dry. She says you don’t know how amazing the applicator is until you get it wet as that way, it swells and doesn’t suck up your makeup.

Photo courtesy Allure

If you’ve ever wondered how to effectively clean out your beauty blender, well a Twitter user made the discovery for the rest of us. Just soak it in a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water, then place in your microwave for only a minute. Voila! Your beauty blender is squeaky clean and good as new.

Courtesy: @LozzaMannn
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