Abimbola Craig, Idia Aisien, Moet Abebe and Taje Prest star in Bland2Glam’s “Love Yourself” Campaign

Media personalities,  Abimbola Craig, Idia Aisien, Moet Abebe and Taje Prest have been featured in a new jewellery campaign by premium Nigerian jewellery brand, Bland2Glam. The campaign comes hand in hand with a new jewellery collection – The “Love Yourself” collection – made exclusively for and by Bland2Glam.

Designed distinctly for tall and big women, the “Love Yourself” jewellery collection seeks to provide standout jewellery appropriate for women in that category so consider this a holiday treat from the Bland2Glam design team to big, tall and beautiful women.

Through the “Love Yourself” campaign, these 4 inspirational women tell us their different stories about fighting insecurities and channelling their energy towards becoming successful women in their chosen fields. They drive home the fact that confidence makes one more attractive whether in your business or personal lives as they encourage their fans to “LOVE YOURSELF because I LOVE ME”.

As part of the release of this collection, proceeds from the sales will be donated to 4 different charities close to the hearts of these media personalities – Sickle Cell Aid Foundation, Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice, EndoSurvivors Int’l Foundation and BeyondUsualCare respectively.

Idia Aisien

“You can be short, tall, fat or slim, we have one thing that is special about all of us and that is the fact that nobody else can be you”

Moet Abebe

“My imperfections make me unique and if I’m not going to embrace my flaws and love myself, who will?”

Abimbola Craig

“Learn to love yourself regardless of who you are, where you’re from and what you look like. If you can love you, then who are they not to?”

Taje Prest

“No matter what you do in life, people are not going to accept you for who you are. So love yourself for who you are and love every single inch of your body”



Brand: @bland2glam

Stylist: @msmodish

Hair: @vavavoom

Makeup: @autographbeauty

Photography: @sunmisola_olorunnisola

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