With This Ring: 8 Subtle Ways To Show Off That Dazzler (Engagement Ring)

by Ada Ebunam

Hullo ladies,

Here are a couple of tips as regards the most subtlest of ways you can show off your engagement ring.


  1. The Hair Flick:


This is the most popular method of ring flashing, as demonstrated by Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian West and Cameron Diaz below but to name a few. Simply use your left hand to sweep away that pesky straight hair… whilst letting your finger linger a millisecond of course.


  1. The Earring Check:


Did I remember to put on my left earring this morning? I’ll just check with my engagement hand: oh yes, yes, it’s still there. Seems to me that that’s along the lines of what Kate Middleton is here thinking.


  1. The Thoughtful Face:


Pretending to contemplate important issues is undoubtedly an effective way to show off your bling without looking, um, show-offy. Sophia Vergara manages to pull this off effortlessly (although admittedly she is a Hollywood actress)


  1. The Sun Sheild:


If you’re newly engaged, simply forget your sunnies! This way you’ll be forced to use your left hand to shield your eyes from the sun, a la Kate Hudson. This maneuver oozes subtlety. Nice one Kate!


  1. The Nonchalant Double-hold:


Okay, so we can’t all grab a Critics Choice Award like Anne Hathaway, but any object really would do for the subtle double-handed grasp: a water bottle, a cup, a flask of coffee or a handbag. Just grab your chosen object and act like it’s the most natural thing in the world.


  1. The Face Grab:


Also a popular method, as demonstrated by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Mila Kunis. Use your left hand to touch your groom-to-be’s face thereby showing off your sizeable new rock amd your fiancee at the same time.


  1. The Thumbs up:


Why be indirect, eh Adele? A thumbs up works well too.


  1. The OMG LOOK AT ME!


When all else fails, throw subtlety out the window and embrace your newly-engaged status with a squeal and a firm shove of your hand in the face of anyone and everyone who come in to your line of vision. Drew Barrymore and Jenny McCarthy we salute you!


Everything beautiful.

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