With This Ring: Hair Comes The Bride

by Ada Ebunam



For the big day, when all eyes will be focused on you. you’ll want to make sure that your hair and makeup can stand up to all attention and activity. Some brides choose to do their own, while others call upon a talented friend or family member for assistance. The majority, however, opt to take the professional route for this special occasion. Regardless of which approach you take- for both your hair and makeup- be sure to have a trial run so that your happy with the way you look on your wedding day.

Hiring a professional for your beauty needs has quite a number of advantages. Doing so can be especially helpful if you’re planning to wear a veil, as most likely you’re not experienced with styling your hair coordinate with such an accessory. With respect to makeup, a professional is there to ensure that you not only look magnificent for your groom and before your guests, but that you look just that in the photographs as well- just make sure to hire someone who has worked with a ton of brides before. Often, if you desire,a hairstylist or makeup artist will remain on hand until after the ceremony (for a charge most likely); after you remove your  veil, the hairstylist can fix your locks and place your headpiece;the makeup artist can touch your makeup before the festivities commence (you know, just a suggestion)

Don’t forget about your nails. Guests just might ask to see your engagement and or wedding ring, which means your hand will b e spending an awful lot of time in the spotlight; you really don’t want them looking anything less than perfect

Some brides choose to make hair, makeup, and/or manicure appointments for their attendants. The stylists and/or makeup team can come to you, or you and your crew can take over a salon for a fun bonding experience. While you may elect to make these beauty appointments gifts to your bridesmaids, it is also perfectly acceptable for your attendants to assume the expense; if the latter will be the case, you may want to inform the attendants of the cost on time and give them the option of participating. To make the outing extra special you might want to invite your mother (perhaps your grandmother or mother-in-law) to join you.




-Schedule a trial run with hairstylist/s.

-Schedule a trial run with makeup artist/s.

-Bring to the trial run

* veil/headpiece

* photo or sketch of dress to show neckline.

* photos of hairstyles you might have chosen.


Where your hair an d makeup are concerned, it is best not to stray too from a style you’re already comfortable with. You don’t want to look like a stranger to your groom, your guests or even yourself come to think of it. Moreover, you’d probably be happier with your photographs  if you’re sporting a do that makes you look exceptional  but still yourself.

– Plan your trial run ahir and makeup on the same day you have a pre-nuptual event such as an engagement party or a family dinner scheduled; no sense in having a good hairstyle and makeup application go to waste.

– Don’t go getting a dramatic new hair cut or hair colour application before your wedding so that you don’t have to do anymore hair damaging hurrying about during your hair trial. trying to rectify what you must have damaged too close to the big day can turn out ti be a major disaster! So if you need to get your hair trimmed and treated do it at least 4-6 weeks before the big day so that you hair will have time to grow in perfectly.

– Don’t have a facial or any other skin treatments within the two weeks before your wedding. Your nerves will bed heightened and your skin a bit more sensitive; in the event of a less than favourable reaction, you’ll want to have ample time to recover.

– When having your hair or makeup done you know you’d have to wear a button down shirt or dress right? Some would choose a dressing gown – whichever one you fancy- you don’t want to wear any clothing that would need to be pulled over your head and possibly mess up your hair and smudge your makeup.

– Stash a supply of blotting tissues in your purse that should be with your maid of honour so that she can keep the inevitable shine off of your nose and forehead (this shine has an annoying tendency to show up in photographs if not taken care of and you don’t want your photographer editing till you look quite unreal).

Well that’s all folks! Hope someone finds this helpful.


Everything beautiful.

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