4 short hairstyles to try that are not the pixie cut

For someone who hasn’t tried out short hairstyles before, the pixie cut might be a dramatic change, and for some people, a little too dramatic for them to handle. If you want to switch up your regular long locks or braids look for the cut life, but don’t quite want to try the pixie cut yet here are five short hairstyles that can prepare you for it.

  1. The bob
    Bobs have been in trend since time began, every other season there is a new trending twist to it but the basic underlying concept is the same. You could add your own twist to it and get it with bangs or in a fun colour.
  2. The lob
    This is for people who might find a bob still a little too short for them. Lobs are basically bobs at longer lengths, but not too long so it isn’t considered a short hairstyle. A proper lob should stop somewhere just between your chin and shoulders, or could even just graze the top of your shoulders.
  3. The long pixie
    For people who aren’t afraid of baring their necks like with a regular pixie cut but not quite sure of the cut in front. The long pixie features a side swept fringe in front, which is longer than the bangs of a regular pixie cut.
  4. The slicked back bob
    This is perfect for those who really can’t stand having hair in their face, it’s also not very popular so you can be sure you’ll be the only one rocking it at your next party
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