Read this before you tweeze your brows

A lot of people would rather tweeze their brows than get it waxed, or shaped with a razor, or even threaded. A lot of beauty experts actually suggest that tweezing is the best way to groom your eyebrows. But there are a couple of things you should know before attacking your brows with a pair of tweezers.

  1. The best time to tweeze your brows is after a hot shower or bath, because the steam from your shower has softened the hair follicles in your brow area, making it easier for the unwanted hairs to be plucked out.
  2. Only tweeze your brows in a place that is well lit, preferably do it in natural light. Doing it in a badly lit room leads you to make mistakes you probably won’t know you are making until you take a peek at your brows in a room that’s well lit.
  3. Always have two tweezers. Get one with pointed tips that will help pluck hairs that are very short and fine, and get one with a sharp slanted hair to remove the longer hairs, and do the bulk of the shaping. Don’t go for those super cheap tweezers that usually come in cheap manicure sets, instead buy a solid stainless stell one you’ll use for ages.
  4. Get rid of your tweezers once they become old and the tips become dull. Using them in this condition will only make the tweezing process twice as painful as it needs to be.
  5. Never try to make both brows identical when tweezing, you’ll only end up over plucking them which is a disaster because it takes forever for them to get back in shape.
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