5 colour blocking combinations you’ll love

While we usually love fashion trends that encourage you to infuse a lot of colour into your wardrobe, we’ve had a hate love relationship with the colour blocking trend which is the king of colourful fashion trends. We (and I think I’m speaking for all fashion lovers) couldn’t stand it when people thought the essence of the trend was just slapping any two colours together, and then fell in love with it when people finally realized that there’s a method to the madness (and we have Solange to thank for that).

If you’ve been living under a rock since 2014, and are new to the trend use the colour wheel below as a guide. The essence of colour blocking is to experiment with pairing colours which are opposite each other on the wheel.

If you can’t be bothered with the wheel, because to be honest neither are we, here are our favourite colour blocking combinations.

  1. Orange and purple
  2. Blue and green
  3. Pink and orange
  4. Yellow and blue
  5. Orange and blue
  6. Yellow and orange
  7. Blue and pink
  8. Yellow and green
  9. Green and purple
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